Her, in a more detailed way.

Hi. I’m Airam Rediga; a web and graphics designer, blogger, frustrated artist-turned-programmer and a rockstar wannabe from somewhere in MNL. Currently taking her bachelor’s degree at the University of Santo Tomas.

I like to dye my hair every three weeks and get fights with my mom ’cause she thinks it’s unhealthy. Food makes me a happy kid and soda calms my soul. Hardcore music to cheer me up and sketching to keep me company. Simplicity = Beauty. Simple, ragged, classy, vintage, laid-back; my styles. I keep my head, heels and standards high. I can sleep the whole day and stay awake for a whole week. I shoot birds when I’m mad and I’ll probably shoot you if it’s legal. I’m certain that I’m manlier than your boyfriend.

My hideous attitude of saying what’s on my mind might piss you off but I prefer speaking upfront than talking behind people’s backs. Animal cruelty is evil and those who do animal abuse has a throne reserved in hell. Crap rap “jejemon” and translated English to Filipino music is annoying.



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