Sleepless and Working.

I don’t know what happened to my body clock that it became jammed and temporarily not working. I haven’t slept for 4 days straight now, even catnaps or that thing they call 5-minute sleep where you close your eyes and suddenly 5 minutes have gone by. It’s killing my body and sanity and I can no longer think straight.  I almost used my shampoo as toothpaste for crying out loud!

Since I can’t sleep, I decided to do stressful things just to make me feel sleepy. I took web design jobs and was able to finish them in a couple of hours but I still can’t feel any hint of sleepiness in my body. My client told advised that I should make a website for myself to showcase my works and portfolio. Since I’m pretty much bored, I decided to design my upcoming website.

This was the first design I came up with:


I don’t like how it looks. The ‘mrgthrdg’ over there is my name without the vowels to make it look ‘cool’. (I need a designer name. Suggestions please.) This design looks unprofessional and I don’t even know why I used Century Gothic for the whole page. The orange arrow also looked like something I just placed there just so the page could have more elements in it. Kinda looks unfinished to me.


This one looks to cluttered to me and Idk what to say. I don’t like it but I don’t hate it. (In between like and hate?!) The colors are quite girlish and it looks more like a blog to me.

I really need a designer name. C’mon guys, give me ideas!!!

I’ve created more designs here but I don’t want to upload them ’cause I find them quite good and modern-like. You don’t want anyone stealing your ideas, right?

So basically, I did a design for my site but I still don’t have a domain yet. Any ideas?


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