It’s 2013 and I need a laptop.

Today’s the 10th day of the year 2013 and I know it’s too late to greet everyone but I just wanna say Happy New Year to everyone! Last holiday season, I totally forgot to greet every important person in my life (Yes, including my parents) All I did was to eat and eat and sleep and sleep. How productive, right?!

Anyway, I decided to have a one-on-one chat with myself in front of my life-size mirror but I failed. I was starting to build this very sensible talk with myself but I just can’t help laughing. I feel like a total crazy person. I decided to create a blog post about it but I deleted it afterwards ’cause it sounded really corny and dramatic and shit. I don’t like it at all.

Since I wanted my 2013 to be productive, I bought myself a blogberry planner for Yuppies! Yay! Pic’s on my Instagram account (follow me @eyeruhm lol) I was too lazy to connect my iPhone to sync the photos so this would be yet another long blabbering without any photos to make it look interesting. Anyway, I wanted to be more productive this year, starting with my studies (which by the way haven’t even progressed yet) and social life. But I know I can’t be productive without a laptop.

So yes, this post was created to ask you guys what laptop should I buy ’cause I’m not really good with making decisions like this. I always end up buying the second best, meaning I always see something better after buying the item of my choice. And it just sucks.