So, officially moved to WordPress.

So, I’ve finally decided to delete my Tumblr account. It kinda distracts me when I’m really busy for schoolwork. Ever since I reached a thousand plus of followers, I felt like it is my obligation to provide them posts to read every now and then. And not just ‘here’s-a-post-to-read’ type of post. I felt like I have to provide them posts that’s worthy of their time to read. And, I think the bloggers are already changing, affected with bullshit and stuff. It’s no longer fun and some of ’em just want fame. It’s slowly becoming a trying hard stardom site for showbiz wannabe people.

I’ve had enough.

So I’ll be posting my random shit here and hope that people here can cope up with the stuff I post. Heeee.

Hi WordPress, let’s have a strong bond to make our relationship last.