So I’m new here at WordPress and this kind confuses the hell out of me. I’ve been navigating the site for 9hours now and it took me 4hours to change my blog’s URL/domain name. Hah! What. Is. Stupid.

Anyway, I created my WordPress account just because I need to enhance my skills more in web developing (been applying for an online job for 2 days now) and I think I’m gonna have a hard time grasping this environment ’cause I’m much more comfortable with Tumblr’s settings and I can edit my own stylesheet for free! But I think I’ll be able to get the hang of this if I spend more time here (I haven’t slept yet, by the way).

So yeah, hafta study for my Prelims exam and create vexel designs for, uh, practice purposes.

And, I was planning this to be my ‘business’ blog but I think I’ll just turn this into my “english” personal blog. (yeah, I blog in Filipino). I think I should be up for a change.


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